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About the Shariah City

Markaz Sharia city was established in Markaz Knowledge City as an institution for advanced studies on Islam and Muslim world. It began to produce new academic dimensions about Islam today with respect to the folds of contemporary times. The foundation of Sharia city is abound with making ethical parameters to diagnosis the public moral challenges of humanity, through giving proper solutions accordingly. As an institution, which dares to move for the dissemination of moral awareness from the religion to society, it also attempts to grapple the universality of knowledge along with democratizing them all together, through distributing towards all walks of life in a society. This explicit commitment to the value of knowledge and multicultural society assure that, Sharia city hopes to bring students and young scholars with extraordinary respect to the world of today. We foster the uniqueness in freedom of education, intellectual independence, originality of resources, tradition with innovation and advanced researches for the sake of upgrading humanity with moral values, through the perspectives of Sharia.